Monday, August 23

It just drawn upon my realization that we are all crawling towards the year-end already! People
are starting to make plans for leave-clearing and THE vacations. Year after year, everyone lament
on how speedy time whizz past and usually it is this time when we strangely,start to dig outwith all
the results we produced for the past months. "What have I done in 2010?" This is one question I think about
a lot this month. Now, I begin to wonder. How do you gauge how productive or good your year was?
What are your personal achievement markers? While mulling over this question over my mocha spin, I
ended up with the below non-exhaustive list that I reckon would be what most people would give.

1. The quality of your work appraisal.
2. The % increase of your salary, if at all in times like this.
3. The number of holidays/ getaways you can afford with your time & cash.
4. The number of designer bags you collected.
5. The number of work projects you completed well for the boss.
6. The number of digits of your salary bonus.
7. The number of hip parties you were invited and ended up wasted.

I do think that I think about some of the benchmarks above, especially now that I am quite the official
rat racer since Apr. The powerful (and evil?) draw of the S-11 has never been so great to me before
and I must admit that with greater purchasing power, comes greater money management responsibility.
I believe that it is a fine line with materialism and self-indulgence. I am in the camp to believe
that money can buy happiness and that choosing passion over a healthier sum in your bank at the end
of the month is not easy as it sounds. It still requires a big deal of deliberation and time to decide
that it is the right choice.

Cars, shoes, bags, good food, vacations...
I wont deny that they are indeed fine and fab items to own but in terms of self-fulfillment,
I would like to self-affirm that I do remember and not forgo my true beacons, as below.

1. The true mates -
Friends that come and go in your life only make you realize the true ones that stick with you through
the rough times. I admit that I am not the best eg of what a good friend should be, but I try. I am
extremely lucky to have the besties who stand by you even if they do not agree with your actions.
Those people that do not (or only pretend to be), they are important cos they taught me to be more
self-assured. Be less of a compromiser cos u cannot please everyone. I have seen those that
support me unconditionally, those who come and leave, those who cannot decide whether they
want to leave, those who pretend they didn't left, those who are desperate to be accepted...
What is important is I be myself.

And of cos the cookie who so abruptly entered my life when I was least expecting. I constantly remind
myself never to take him for granted. We passed the 6-weeks and 6-months benchmark and I would never
change a single thing about us or him. Maybe except his "uniform" and some other weird habits hurhur.
It's always nice to have someone who just completes you and go through the ups and downs of your life
with. The future is never determined 100% but what matters is that we are still enjoying understanding
and suaning one another.

2. Family -
Rough times, but
whatever the situation is, these people are the most special to me and it is so easy to forget how to
treat them with the extra respect and love.

3. Health -
Forever taken for granted.

4. Spirituality -
I am glad and humbled to be touched by JC for the first time this year. The 2nd most
important man whom
barged into my life and made me realized how much I missed out before.

5. Personal -
I still wan to learn so many so many, to go to so many places, try so many new food, and meet so many
new people. I have a secret to-do list that's stashed at the back of my mind and I think it's high
time I just go strike off spontaneously some things I want to do, sometime.

This is a crazy rant typed on my iphone while watching the cookie mug and waiting for the sun to set.
As more important decisions still need to be made this coming week, I'm wishing all comrades a meaningful
and productive week.

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