Sunday, July 11

It's July already!

I know, it's already mid-July but don't blame me for not noticing but it has been quite a fast
year don't you think? It was only a while ago when I was uploading some pictures on FB then -did I
realised that the year has whizzed us past like that and oh, it will be just five months before
we kiss 2010 byebye. I would attribute this as a sign of "time pass by when you are having fun".
Cookie certainly helps a lot. Truthfully, sometimes it seems a little unreal that I will be with
some guy like him. I know he's not the typical eligible alpha male with high odds of hogging a Cleo
page, but he's been such a wonderful company to have so far. Yes there are the moments when
I question myself what I brought myself into or having doubts on whether we are just looking for
the 20% and everything still. I can confidently say that he is the 80%, if not 90% for me. It's
not about finding the perfect to love, it's about loving the person who is perfect for you. It
will be 6 months+ come next week and as I tell that sillyboy, I feel the joy and love, and I
have the hope and faith that we will continue to terrorize, i mean, love each other for more time
to come. For how long? This is an answer no one can grasp for sure. But what matters is the NOW.

And I think I may be making some excellent progress with cookiemama. Hurhur. I do hope cookie
stays focused and buck up too. I don't think he has the idea on how much this will reflect for
the both of us.

I'm rooting for the orange Neds to kick the Spaniards' asses this mon morning. It's all about my
penchant to root for the underdogs. At stake is Max Brenner's dark chocolate hugmug + a little
surprise treat.


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