Thursday, October 15


Let's just say, that I have no choice but believe that a few bouts of wrong judgement, a single
wrong decision, a few minutes of going opposite the course, can just decide how your course
for even the next few years. Knowing about the truth, or even if it is not, is mind-boggling
enough to make me not want to wake up and face the day. It is not going to a blame-pushing
game here, but rather why everything went off track right then and there. One thing I learn
this year for sure is how easily trust can be mishandled. I guessed I have every right to be
excused for being more wary of people and giving them less benefit of doubt than they should
be given )or do they deserved it in the first place?). As tempted as it was for me to go back and
accept again, I am thankful that I recovered one of my lost friends again. It will be too risky to
return to that chapter. :) Should I feel happy or sad that it was actually all mutual then? What
matters is the now right.

紙飛機 的摺法 藏在回憶陪我們長大
紙飛機 快飛吧 快樂方法並不複雜
不管未來怎樣多變化 保留這牽掛

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