Tuesday, September 22

Christopher Kane for Topshop




* I hereby announce that the 3-day celebration for Ah Chiu's bday starts this evening. Yum yum pizza.

* I think that Leo has gone nuts to actually reject F1 tickets. Honestly if he is just right in front of me, I would have strangled him.

* But then, I wouldn't because thanks to him, talkcocksingsong party will be happening after all. Gear up on the 17th! We are going to rock Pan Pac down, wheee!

* I am experiencing what is probably the worst bad hair day year.

* YJ says he thought of Wallflowers' "Josephine" when he first know about my name.

* Why does it seems so long since I watched a movie since my last was Coco Before Chanel?

* There is a Sweet Stone booth at hougang mall atrium. The reason why Golden Mile shines.

* Somebody needs to kick my ass off the bed every morning to start training for Nike 10KM. How to train in a month?!

* Two weddings to attend in dec. Jolly good season.

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