Tuesday, June 9



Basically, been having Nutella on Marie biscuits (x10) for almost 3 meals everyday.
I had to give yoga this evening a miss.
Looks like it's still a no-mood-for-anything week.
I bought books.
The coral cardigan is still on the rack.
I wanted to buy it because it reminds me of -
I wonder whether Marina Bay still wants me.
School or casino or school or casheeno.
Mom didn't know St Regis is 6-starred.
Mom still cannot pronounce the "v" properly.
I want to cook something decent.

"The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference."
MC Foo: "Then what is the opposite of hate?

If hate is not indifference,
then it will be the opposite,
which is.. love."

I'd rather be indifferent.

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