Tuesday, March 17

Chocolate Chip Cookies


These cookies were made when I was incredibly bored last Friday (the second 13th Friday this year BTW) plus thought of giving something handmade for the aunt who was celebrating her birthday the next day. The Daiso heart molds finally made an appearance! I am still looking for more cookie molds but have no idea where to get them, yet. The heart shapes did not come out perfect though... because after the cookies cooled, I had to actually "trim" them with a pair of scissors. Hehe.

After collecting some opinions from various friends, I realized that there is actually an equal mix of people who are in either "pro-chewy" or "pro-crunchy" cookies camps. Maybe except for bawan who cannot make up his mind and wants to be in both. Moi personally prefer the chewy cookies ala Subway's and Pepperridge. Chewy ones are just nicer to bite into to me and maybe they bite more like cakes. The crunchy ones reminds me of Famous Amos ones which were really so so wonderful I am having super cravings lately already. Since there are demand for both kinds, I made both! Somehow the crunchies made the kitchen smell better, you know... the buttery chocolatey goodnessy smell.

Anyway, I made these using the very trusty Betty Crocker's cookie mix. After using the Double Chocolate twice, I tried the Chocolate Chip mix this time and they turned out real well as expected. They promised 300 chips inside the pouch and well, I cannot vouch for that but I must say the chips were enough for me and tasted real nice. The freshly baked cookies disappeared real fast into my stomach cos I could not resist the hot, chewy cookies with the gooey chips once they come out of the oven! Cookies must be eaten hot and fresh so, I was literally eating them from the baking sheet and baking new ones at the same time. Of course, I ended up with a small batch. -_-

There was still quite some Betty Crocker's chocolate frosting left from my last baking attempt and why let it go to waste? I doodled on the hearts and drew alphabets of names of some close peeps on them, and then sprinkled on top with the rainbow dots. It was quite a chore, but I pretty like the results. Only that I did not give out the cookies to those peeps in the end though...

I got to try making cookies from scratch next time, plus make some nutty cookies... and white chips cookies!

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