Friday, January 9

Ting Tings

I overestimated my spending power in the US and came back with such a meagre change in my wallet that I guessed I have to give The Ting Tings a miss.

And I am pissed!

I cannot freakin shell out the S$85 for a ticket. There is not enough time for me to go earn it, and I don't want to touch my daddy's funds no matter how tempting it is.

That said, daddy was nice enough to give me some lunch money knowing how my bank account is completely dry from all the shopping from the trip. There is no jet lag issues either - woke up a t 10plus and did some small unpacking before heading out for the monthly visits. I went to collect my SIM card too. The frequency of me losing stuff is so high that I do not actually feel very sad when things are misplaced now. Yeah, I really was not that upset back in LA when the peeps tried to scare me that my camera was lost, when it was in mw's pocket all along. Lost phone? Hmm, I just take this as a chance for me to get a better phone then! A new touchscreen phone or one with a better camera sounds good for the new year.

The coach tickets for the new year roadtrip are booked too. Excited much about tavelling again although it is to somewhere familiar. Bet there will be many questions about what I want in 2009, dreading it already.

I still haven't had my bak chor mee since I touched down!

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