Sunday, January 25

Count Clockwise

The soon-to-be-dued assignment is nagging me at the back of my head as I am typing this trust me. It's not that I am procrastinating; it's just that I am STILL very much enjoying being a weekday tai tai to get the more important things started. That said, MDIS is going to bar me from the exam if I (or rather my daddy) settle the outstanding fees by month end. I am rather worried actually.

This week has been spent mostly doing some new year shopping for the sister, testing the waters at freeflowbread, and meeting people as usual. I still have not touch a single slice of bread, YET. Yay. I had to miss hotpot with the classmates and volleyball girls on Friday night because I had promised Jiao earlier we would do some catchup. So... very sorry and we shall make up with some K session after the new year with our angbao money!

And... Bawan turns... erm I am not sure! Haha. Happy Birthday! Hope you
had a "unforgettable" birthday night hehehe. But still hope you can forget that. Sorry, and thanks! I owe you beer!

5 days away from Singapore this time. Don't know whether I can tahan.

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