Saturday, January 17


Looks yummy enough to eat.
Topshop; £32.00

I had a great start to the weekend, with meeting Juju and Sweetie for some much-needed catch up. As usual, it was as hard to get a table at Astons as it was getting entry into Phuture on a Wed night. We settled for some Thai food instead at Paradiz and I love and hate my Tom Yum Soup - not the latter if you can ignore my sausage-lips when I walked out of the eatery. I am actually missing Panda Express and no, you can't shoot me. 'Twas an early and nice night and it would be stupid to end it all early without some sweets. So we hopped over to Mr Bean's which is just across the street for some brownie and bluerry cheesecake loving. Coupled with Sweetie's Fosters and my Iced Earl, we were three very happy kids. Ah, I really like hanging out and just chilling with you girls.

I need a new phone with better camera capabilities; it sucks not able to just snap away as and when there is something I see worthy.

Of course, some logistics matters to be done over the weekend. The search for the book is still underway. We can't escape from the dreaded laundry. I know Microsoft Word misses me. I still haven't meet KelHow. Also, confirmation need to be made with Xiuyun for our day to bake pineapple tarts and muffins (Yeah, I know what you're thinking.)

Oh, and I am going to try to collect as many of these as I can although I know having a set will make me more happy/ shuang/ satisfied. It's HELLO KITTY!

Probably my only buy this weekend.

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