Sunday, January 11


I don't care what Bawan says. I don't like any soil or mud on my chucks even if it's Grand Canyon's. My chucks are finally licked clean and ready to brave the world!

Here's what I had for my first Sunday breakfast back here in SG.

- 1 slice white bread with peanut butter & jelly
- 1/2 chocolate muffin
- 1 Dorayaki from Narita

Yum yum.

Funny thing is that I did't even ate one slice of peanut butter jelly sandwich in US even though it was almost like the staple among the peeps. I guess I miss them so much I have to have them two days in a row for breakfast, and erm, supper. Hehe.

I wish I got more dorayaki from the airport. Shucks. The one I got was damn good; the pancakes survived all the air pressure rubbish and remained super soft and fresh. 1 is not enough! I got to go out and bear the Singapore sun to get some more later!

Good food, good mood! I miss the daily Marriott breakfast too. Even though most of us complain about the fixed menu the hotel has for us towards the end of the three-week stay, nothing beats waking up having good eggs, potatoes with cheese sauce, hot fresh waffles, fruits, hot coffee and tea every morning. I think Joooo's picture summed it up pretty good, love this picture so damn much.

So anyway... I was mad enough to accompany my mom to go Chinatown for a "short walk" (according to her), reached home close to midnight swearing I will never step in that area within a month from now.

Unless there is a motivation like... Togi, I might reconsider. I am really really really missing my ddeokbokki.

I am not sure why I whipped out my camera once I stepped out of the train station. This is what being out of Singapore for a month-plus and taking pictures everyday does to you. Sorry I couldn't get good pictures - I blame the shoving ah peks and ah mahs and of course, my olympus.

I didn't get the taiwanese muah chee in the end because I know I will finish the whole bag by the end of the night. These little things are evil.

I miss my 天使.

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