Wednesday, September 3

It's down to the last module! Somehow, I want time to go by slower so that I can enjoy the last official student year, but the US trip is too exciting to wait for. Proud to say I attended all three days of television scripting tutorials, first time in history ok, and probably the last time. What I am going to say is definately to get most classmates' disagreement, but I like the tutor.

So, it's school's out for a week and back to work again. Double work, because me miss bread. I know it's time to quit cartel but I need the money. Meimei saw through me. He knows how realistic I am. And being in cartel for close to two years, I really don't bear to end it just like that. Besides, I should fully utilize my evening time to earn as much as I can till december. It's better than going for expensive dinners or watching television at home.

Very sick of the job at Lenovo. No comments. Only motivation is the high speed internet access in the office, free flow milo, and the cute mr pink-water bottle sitting in front of me.

I went to window shop today and it was a bad decision. The fall designs are out in the high street stores but I cannot bring them all home because.. I am supposed to save! Argh. I saw booties I want from Zara, and was willing to splurge on it but restrained myself for I think I can score cheaper designs in the states. I shall be patient and wait.

I love how Keira wore heres. I hate how some stuff here are overpriced. Saw some really cool jackets at Pull & Bear as well.

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