Monday, August 11

i like to think i am gathering all my late nights for 2008 to just july-august, so that i can concentrate being my good o' homegirl in the months to come. not that the past month hasn't been fun, but it's high time i start saving, again. shit. i can never save enough for the trip. it's never enough. and my room is a mess. hugh disgusting mess, with two-month old unpaid bills still there. my mom has been nagging about my chairdrobe for weeks but i can't seem to clear the pile.

all the havocing photos on facebook. we shall leave them where they should then.

special dinner with family every national day. this year, it's slightly different but then i'm glad it still felt the same. big feast in front of the telly watching the same thing every year. it felt nice. post-dinner activity was horrible, so forget about it.

it's lonely in work here today because boss in not in here, and boss's boss is not here. i miss fatin so much. lenovo is so dead without her. but then, boss's boss's boss is back from his month-long break, with chocolates all the way from US!

see. how easy it is to make me happy. go on. please me.

i'm looking forward and dreading 19Aug all at the same time. shitme. i need to get a life.

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