Thursday, July 31

since all my efforts in trying to set the recod straight has been a real piss in the wind, i have decided to just let things be. for the best for all, ok maybe you and me only. erm no, for you only, definately not me, but i reckon i can adapt. my key was there and you wanted it. but now, i'm not so sure whether it's yours really, or whether you just want to save it in your pocket. whatever. i am just really jaded, so i'm throwing in the towel. no more irritating textpactations. no more beerboarding! there. what a great new way to roll.

besides, i have really more important things to do and settle. the assignment and exam revision is more than just pain in the ass and i have a gut feeling that i am going to drag time to the last minute when i will get started on it. i will start on it, but first let me dig out the book. god knows where it has been since the last lecture ended. it's somewhere, amidst the unpaid bills, invites, dirty laundry, and notes from arts module. this weekend is going to be one real packed one and i can't help but thinking that i can STILL put school off to next week.

of course, i have one more important person to turn my attention to. can't believe august 17 is coming so soon already when it just felt like yesterday when you touched down at the airport. dang! i'm trying not to think of it. we still have SO much to do, so many places to go. we haven't go for our 147 bus ride yet! it's true when i told you that i haven't go home from little india taking the bus myself since you left because i know it will remind me too much of your presence. and i know you miss 147 with me as well! so soon ok.. soon soon. i must agree with you we went too many drinking trips already, haha. safari beckons! (and more frolick! i know how much you hate the word). just glad you're back for now. and thanks for sending me the SHE song, reminds me of our frequent kbox sessions!


let's go flinging together!

i realised i need to run more. reached critical ass.

ok i know i'm not exactly the most punctual, but...

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