Thursday, July 24

shoot me

15 July
Sleepy Sam's @ Arab St
with --

what a gem in the mess of shophouses in that corner of bugis. i love the place. i love my hot choc. i love the lightning. spending an afternoon there lying on the couch makes me want to go on a holiday with no agenda in mind. i read stuff there until i realized how dark it was outside, and that we really had to leave.

*** *** ***

19 July

Starbucks @ PS
with laopo bao

the plan was to meet up at ps first to grab a bite before heading to xy's get-drunk-birthday thing. i was feeling low and craving for some sugar so i had my guanaja! bliss.

first time trying the green tea frappe, which was really nice. i like anything green tea, especially with chocolate and red bean. shweet.

the ultimate pick-me-ups

bao brought me back to the same dblo toilet cubicle where i was knocked out the last time.

that was the last photo for the night because after that i think i drank a little wee too much later.

*** *** ***

22 July

red cliff @ cineleisure
with qing ren

ah, the pleasure of waking up late and going to town on a weekday afternoon. i was supposed to meet qing ren in school first but the news on how "useful" the tutorials were changed my mind completely. a few extra eye-shut, at this period of the time, will do me good.

i love my qing ren. thanks for being so bitchy like me. love. "red cards" and "ndp" - haha..

i can't wait to watch the mummy! can i book anyone first?

*** *** ***

22 july

impromtu aftermath meet-up @ cannery
with lao po CY

super impromtu meet-up with my laopo. thanks for coming down if not i think i will drink the whole river. i love that night with you. if TCC wasn't closing, i could sit there with you till dawn, sipping our teas. let's do it again ok!

turkish ice cream. god knows what it is made of. give me back my $1 ice cream anytime.

hot turkish uncle with alot of mao

the photo is clear. see, i'm fine.

i love TCC too. nice scenery. cute waiters. good menu.

ti-rum-misu. i like it, bitter enough for me. don't know why everything tasted bitter that night.

tea for jojotee.

bunking in at macs cos we were not ready to go home yet. in the end, we made do with cold soggy fries.

*** *** ***

super impromtu meet-up @ liquid kitchen
with bao

just because i refuse to go home or work after work. sigh. and the weather is just too lovely. i feel so fortunate to have friends who really are literally "a call away".

frozen yoghurt with oreo crumbs and berries. comfort food on a rainy night.

no prizes for guessing who drank what.

damn good fries. after many nights of soggy mac fries, these tasted like heaven.

*** *** ***

till then, i'll stay out of unneccessary mess-es i'm not supposed to get into. i'll not drink more than my beer belly can take. i'll start on my assignment fast. i'll practise my yoga everynight. i'll not eat chocolate so much.

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