Thursday, March 13

i meant to blog earlier on but was too busy or rather lazy to do so. after staring at the computer screen for about 8 hours, the thought of going online in the evening does not sound too good for the eyes. plus, it seems that having a homecooked dinner with mom and watching 3-hour local tele sounds better than anything else.

work has been great. i have pretty much nothing to complain about other than how it's a pretty brainless job. there is not much communication going on which means i think i have become more zi bi than ever. really. nothing new to learn. nothing exciting to anticipate. and the people here are old. old = they are all in their late late twenties or married, and there are probably less than three others who are 21 and below. sighhh. the office is constantly freezing because there are no hot guys in here. ok i just complained. a lot.

i got photos to update but they are all in my phone still so we shall see lah.

it's also great to know the confirmed dates for the upcoming modules which means all the planning for the trip at the end of the year need to start now. i have no idea where and how to start man. all i want to do now is to work as much as i can to fund the trip. if i don't have enough funds, i guess i can't go anywhere!

can't believe i'm going to my 2nd chalet this year and it's not even april.. have been waking up 30 minutes than usual to do some running and i'm quite pleased to say i've passes the 2nd-day mark although i only managed to run for 5 minutes before the sole of my right shoe dropped off.

ok i know this post very random and many points here and there but sorry lah, it's 1020 and i still haven't had breakfast yet.

hi to rachel! i know you're reading ;)

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