Thursday, February 28


finally, mdis amazes us with the efficiency they promise - again, this time by releasing the timetable for the next module a little less than three weeks before it begins and rather than complaining and feeling bitter about the school over useless emails, i better start drawing a strategy on how to get a good grade for this module.

i hate queenstown. there i said it. i don't like the neighbourhood. i don't like the sun there. i don't like the blue walls of the mrt station. i feel sleepy once the train stops at the station. i don't care whether it is because the only reason i visit there is because of lessons, or because i am plain lazy, i just don't like to double the travelling time to attend lessons there instead of dhoby ghaut. on the bright side, there isn't the temptation of getting breakfast every morning (i'm not big on breakfasts) and the shopping after.

i'm worried too. after reading the syllabus, i am so scared i think i will not understand one shit on the first lesson. i will probably look at the lecturer's face with a blank and blue look throughout the 3.5 hours. and he better don't do a "please intro yourself in one sentence" thing or i will castrate him myself.

i cannot even spell aristotle for nuts. lots of pre-lesson reading to do. besides, the impending job offer may take up all my free time, and distract me from school, even after lessons start. ah, just hope i can blow the new people there away with much efficiency and aplomb.

good friend is attached! i am happy. one less lonely girl in this world. hope it was not a temerarious decision though.

and why the f do i have to see mr jailani again?

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