Saturday, February 23


It's the post-exmas, like finally. I've been waiting for this day forever, ok maybe like since early this year when the modules ended, but FINALLY, the dreaded assignment + exams (talk about double power eh) are over!

I am sooo excited I just did 200 jumping jacks.

Ok, partly because I went out for a good and huge dinner to celebrate the end of my fast and exams. After the exams, I hopped over to town to catch the Lime Flea for the second time with CY because I have pretty much nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon and because I am missing the girl already. It was so HOT. I was practically melting there. It was also quite disappointing to see how the the flea had downsized since the last time I was there, which was quite some ago I believe as I remembered I was there with BaoBao then. Still, after baking myself for about 30 minutes there, I managed to grab a super cute top for 6 bucks and CY got her bag. I saw this straw satchel but it was a staggering $39 (=20 plates of chicken rice).

Then, we went to DFS because we want to breathe in the air of branded bags.

Part II shopping was with mumu who came at 4.30pm. Because of my committment to feeed my bank account, shopping was quite a chore. We went to the main departmental stores before I decided I was too hungry to continue. I tried pychoing her into treating me dinner and was successful (HA!).. Initially we headed for Crystal Jade at Taka but then, we gave Central which was opposite it a try. Of course, I had to try the durian fried rice, which was good. I am going to ask my mom to try add some durian in hers next time. Also had - fried spaghetti with prawns and xo sauce, thousand layer tofu with pork floss (super comfort food), also my all-time fave, french toast, which came with free flow maple sauce.

After recharging, we went to all the departmental shops and I almost went broke again at Esprit because there is a bloody sale there and a bloody cute jacket and sweaters. Bloody hell.

I waved the white flag at 9pm and we rested at Macs. At there, we saw four super skinny models gorging themselves on McChicken and fries and I wanted to kill them so much. Mumu then dragged me back to hougang to accompany meimei for dinner. I can't watch people eat so had rojak.

Ok, running tomorrow man. No pictures too because I went to school this morning with a 10% battery inside my phone.

Anyway, I am quite glad I have completely no agenda right now maybe except to find a high-paying job asap so I can start filling the USTF - fast!

And Joyce, Juno next week ok!

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