Wednesday, January 16

i should be working hard for the report but whatever, for now...

my share of pictures for the kukup trip. my speed of uploading the photos this time is very er, speedy already. the number of cameras brought on the trip still amazes me. educational trip? definately. in terms of how to maximize our camera resources and camwhore the most number of photos possible.

within half an hour upon arriving malaysia, we were brought to this dingy hawker place for breakfast. joanna and i shared some not-too-fab dim sum. and also, stole some bites of mee, carrot cake, and very-fab-and-Q chee cheong fun from the rest.

while everyone is expecting our next to be the fruit farm according to the itinerary (shit, i can't spell i-ti-ne-rary), the coach stopped in front of a chocolate shop. imagine how bright my eyes light up when i heard that. i wasn't sure it was a good thing where most items were targeted at tourists and way overpriced. at least i saved some precious money for the end of the day.

although i left empty-handed, still felt quite "shiok!!" to be surrounded by so many chocolates in the early morning.

next- fruit farm, where we were more interested in taking photos with minnie mouse than listening attentively to the uncle.

we took so many pictures on the swing when the rest of the people on the tour were sitting in the shade enjoying fruits. thinking back now, we surely looked abit gila then. mingwei and i didn't wear any shades so we had that pose.

after about forty mintues and forty mozzie bites, we were brought to the seafood restaurant where we were to have our lunch at and also where our sampan is to bring us to the fish farm.

ok lah, it was a nice sturdy boat actually, not sampan.

the fish farm had nothing much except for some cute huge dogs which i'm sure would very much enjoy playing catching with joyce on the wooden planks, and also some hot, bloody action of killing the fishes alive with a simple knife.

Back to the restaurant where we are all hungry even after watching the fishes get slited.

More camwhoring after we refueled with the very sumptuous seafood lunch. this was better than the one i had with my family at kong kong last june.

batik factory. overpriced. overstaffed.
all i wanted to do at this point is to leave the place and leave for jusco for shopping.

Jusco - it's suuuper huge. remembered someone commenting it resembled a factory from the outside. i was expecting a megastore like giant so i was quite surprised when there is a topshop inside.

Dunkin Donuts! i couldn't resist so bought one even though i was not exactly hungry. jooo bought a box back for her sister.

she's already inside padini which was having a SALE...!!!

our dinner is at secret recipe. jieyi, joanna and i had 3 cakes plus a macoroni with cheese and prawns. rocky rock which resembles truffle cheesecake, only that this is even better. mango delight, very yummy. and mocha-chocolate cake, because i'm craving for some chocolate-coffee combi.

it's back to the causeway and... assignment.


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