Monday, January 21


Ooo, I can feel the rush...

... the rush where the countdown to the exam and assignment due date begins!

I tried to stop delaying getting school work done every module but it has been mid-degree term and I am still trying to well, stop procrastinating on school. Must change must change!

So, it will be full gear for the next three days where I hope I can get the maximum work done for the campaign and the revision. I doubt I can do my max but I just have to try to complete as much as possible.

Sorry for the rant, but I am feeling quite anxious if you can sense it.
Me huo gai!

Anyway, opened the mailbox just now and faced 2 big bombs. :( I've set a new personal record for my mobile bill!

And... I wonder why poeple are linking the "17 months" to me having a boyfriend for 17 months/ crushing on someone for 17 months/ broke up with someone for 17 months/ 17 months to me getting married (?!?!?!)...

It's 16 months by the way already! ;)

I'm feeling terribly guilty for missing dear girl Kalyn 21st! Dui bu qi really... but all my bestest wishes to you! ;) 21st le.. No longer pretty girl, is pretty WOMAN now!

And big big THANKS to mr kelvin for making me the happiest girl on 19th. Fondue soon please please!

To quote Jo, it's ASS-ing time now! I kinda like it - just me, 987, hot green tea, sgst, and ya word document of course.

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