Sunday, January 6


school. ASSignment. dove amicelli. rocher. x680. jay countdown. plans.

i want to:
. stop procrastinating (even resolutions)
. give blood this year
. identify 50 things that makes me happy
. run more
. hit goal weight
. find myself a boy
. quit red meat
. plan my store
. study harder
. read more
. mask every week
. treat friends better
. be more of a perfectionist
. sleep earlier
. bake
. let past stay where it is
. meet more people
. give more than take
. stop being awkward
. quit certain substances
. draw
. ban indecisiveness
. write a love letter
. take more chances
. explore, alone

we never strike things off our resolution list every year; they just stay there where it is.

"life isn't about finding yourself; it's about creating yourself."

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