Thursday, November 8


If I'm gonna walk on the balls of my feet again this week, I think I'm going to cry. Then why the hell did I just buy another pair of wedges?

Anyway, I think Equinox is the most romantic place in Singapore.

If only... I can just take one bottle home. Just one...

Even the toilet is so pretty.

View from the 69th level

The cocktails for the event began at 6.30pm and it was the bestest time for that as the view of the sunset was FANTASTIC. The sky was orange and the streets was lighted.

At about 7pm plus plus

There were so many roses in the holding area I was so tempted to steal bring one home.

Mark Richmond who was the emcee was really suave and professional. They say a man looks his most handsome when he is serious in what he is doing.

Heard the dinner for the guests costs about $200 per head. I didn't had the luck to even look at the food close but the view was totally worth for staying back late.


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