Monday, November 12


You have absoutely NO idea how much money I have spent on food last week. It's crazy! And I can't believe I went to Jumbo Seafood without crying the crabs! Regret.

I am going to work only ten hours this week! Ten 10 Shi! Disbelief! But the thing is, I only give so much schedule to them that's why I only get ten hours. Ha. I am actually addicted to work. Is that a good thing?

So anyway, I finally did something to my weeds-y hair and it was actually an impromtu decision because Joyce and I kind of came up with the idea of going for a haircut for no reason at all when we realised no one was in the office on Friday... which sucked totally because it was a freaking post PH and meant that I wasted one precious morning to sleep in late. And... also meant I wasted a good weekday to go down to ICA to make my damn passport so I can eat cheap french toast in JB.

But still glad I spent on my hair. Totally worth it.

And while waiting for the busy busy director to attend to us, we went to.....

Ding Tai Fung! Because I was craving for sweet buns and Joycie craving for her xiao long bao.

Omg, both the sweet red bean and yam paste xiao long bao are effing good. I could live on them everyday. I want a truckload of them for Christmas!

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