Thursday, November 29


this is it. no more early mornings trying to pick which heels to wear or reminding myself to get superglue every morning so i can wear the pile of old broken stash at the back of the shoe cupboard. no more squeezing with the morning crowd for that long goddamn 16 minutes. no more daily hot green tea in foam cups in the morning and contributing to the land pollution.

i'm out of there! do i sense a hinge of sadness there? i think so. of course, i reckon this wouldn't happen at all if not for the great company of ms jajy aka "the girl who drinks ginseng chrysanthaman chrysanthemum for dessert EVERY SINGLE DAY".

(ah yes, you read it right. i still have no idea how one would choose liang teh over donut for dessert. oh well.)

seriously, i am amazed, if not, a little amused with your perpetual obsession with having the bottle right after every meal.

But then again, anything to make ms ang happy or she will start getting herself in her fits of withdrawal symptons (read emoness by 4pm).

temasek bldv tower four will probably hold many pleasant memories for me like the first great view at the lobby, realising for the first time we can enjoy free flow of diet coke and biscuit gula (which we both agree are addictive and me thinks they should be banned), endless names/nos to key in and i think it's so ironic a infomation storage solutions MNC cannot even have an updated database of their own.

of course, there's the superb view from the top, which makes me feel like i'm among the clouds when it pours.

but i think i can get used to no more cravings for "glossy glossy" double chocolate everyday and long hurried walks in heels from citylink.

>> my room has been uninhabitabe since i started working but now it's so neat i can hardly recognise it myself. though tidy, i still can't find my phone which is supposed to be buried among the pile of thrash. shyt, this is real bad news.

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