Sunday, October 28


Okays, here are the pictures I took on 21st Oct. Thanks for all the well-wishes from those who remembered/ received reminders from Friendster, Birthday Alarms and other shit.

I had the most enjoyable and happening celebration this year I think. Thanks to those who made it so special for me. You know who you are...

Xiao Cha Bors CY and Joycie for sushi gathering, cuuuute satin dress and crazy camwhoring at Little India.

38 Family for free flow bread vodka, Bakerzin chocolate cake, balloons, yellow jokes, sturdy tote, many many marshmallows and laughter.

Siew Tee the bestest girl in my life for all the trouble taken, quirky giftbox and the handmade card. Super duper touched.

Kelvin-the-7year-buddy for the flowers and Royce. And the patience.

Ting for the surprise! and Shan for sharing the Hello Kitty lamp. Very very very kawaii!

My family.

People who bothered to type me an sms and waste one free sms on me.


Sakae Sushi @ The Atrium

The place looks impressive from the outside. And it is. Only the al fresco area is worth going. Nothing much inside.

Pretty xiao cha bors.

Soba = love.

Unagi = many many love.

Many many plates = love handles.

They're obsessed with this bag, trust me.

Zi Cha + K @ Serangoon

My sis is too pretty to show face.

Salted egg prawns which tasted like cereal prawn.

GongBao frog leg which doesn't taste of gongbao at. all.

Then it's off to....

Cheap and good chocolate mousse cake.

Excuse to act cute before I get real old to do so.

My family is not so.. crazy during normal hours. Must be the Tiger, the great great chocolate mousse cake and the singing.

Oh no.. I really need major mojor motivation to finish the assignement and all the studying within these few days. Madness!

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