Monday, October 15


What the weekends are made for.

Many million thanks and more thanks for the unforgettable weekend! Love the many many surprises planned and the ballooons and of course, the Bakerzin chocolate cake!

Long live the 38-38-38888 spirit!

Anyway it's great finally having a digital camera. Hehe. Can't wait to go snapping everywhere! I was supposed to meet the class gang for dinner at Xchange and desserts at Dempsey but was really too not well to even go online. So... very sorry peeps for pang seh-ing you guys (yes, I can hear Jer going "again...")

But now, I am up and well again! My appetite has never been better and I am gorging myself like a 5-month pregnant. Yikes.

I still wanna go Dempsey! And I finally know where The Prata Place is!

Anyway, some very very long due photos.

Bugis China-people Steamboat - Xiao Cha Bos

Look at the spread! And don't ask me how come I laugh so hard. I miss laughing like that too.

August 1 - Xiao Cha Bos

Cineleisure Korean BBQ Chicken - Ah Gal

Very expensive but at least the restaurant is pink. The walls are pink, the staff wears pink. And... I didn't get my waffle in the end, sad.

Kovan Xin Wang Cafe - MeiMei

We ordered alot! Curry Ramen, Cheese Baked Rice, French Toast, Red Bean with Banana Pancake. I had Yuen Yang and he had Mango Ice. In the end, decided to nua there with the food and just chat until we really had to go get the otahs and satays...

Till next time! Time to really start hitting the books.

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