Sunday, September 30

I need a haircut/ treatment/ dye/ rebonding/ soft rebonding.

Aiya, just get me a wig! I don't mind a purple afro with the state of my hair now =\

Anyway, I think the classmates did a really good job with the 中秋节 story, especially with the video which is sooo funny I watch thrice! Haha... Will I get any on-air fees for my special appearance ah?

Saw lengyeow at work today and I couldn't recognise him until he called me. Actually I couldn't remember alot of past classmates for that matter, like Jeremy and YueMing who came during the past months. I could still remember Frankie though, because he still have the same face and voice. Anyway, it's great catching up with the past acquaintances and talking with them, I realised how much we have matured since being secondary school monkies.

Anyone with job lobangs, please let me know.

I am picky though.

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