Wednesday, August 22

Life's been busy, with work primarily. I have been a good girl, diligently slogging for my US trip fund and sushi dinners. It does feel a little weird to be back in RP. Everything has changed, for example there are no more ugly white metal walls, and I can finally breathe in fresh air instead of dust everywhere. Yet, there's this feeling that RP is still the same; there is still this unexplainable hype here. Coming to a school everyday makes me miss school life in secondary and maybe in JC days.

Plus, more good food. The waffle is the every-morning neccessity - the chocolate paste is soooo good. And, they do add bananas... The chocolate brownie keeps up to its standards I tasted then and the milk tea is still there to cure my afternoon cravings.

I do miss receiving breakfasts on my table. Hehe. =p

Boss is on leave so work is more relaxed and slack for this week; I'm definately enjoying everyday of work for now. With her around, there seems to be an endless string of tasks to complete - making me mentally drained before I head to FreeFlowBread to be physically drained. Still, I find myself to be more productive and not so lethagic with her around so I actually kinda looking forward for her to come back from Japoon with all the chocolates.

I have been owing my poor body sleep for the past week. I think alarm clocks are the best and worst invention all at the same time together and I hate how it is the first thing that greets me every morning for since I forgot how long also.

Anyway, it's Michelle's bday on thursday! HAPPY BDAY! =D And also, "augphine"'s bday on friday! =D

All work and no play makes Jo a sad depressed deprived antisocial girl.
Movies anyone?

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