Wednesday, May 16

What: Rock The Sub
Where: Substation +Timbre
When: 9/6 1400 - 10/6 0300


I am actually excited for going back to school tomorrow. It's like feeling all the excitement from buying Bata white shoes and stocking up exercise books when I was still watching powerrangers, just that now i'm hooked on new kids that are hunkier and have more powers like spinning webs.

Ok, now you can shoot me.

Thinking of visiting Kate Moss before school tomorrow =/

FreeFlowBread has a new cake today - Jamaican Banana Rum. Basically it's just BananaChocolate; I don't taste a hint of rum. Size of tiramisu. Pretty pretty. Taste sweet enough but I believe it's not even half the standard of secret recipe's own although I haven't tried SR. Argh.

Deal or No Deal is actually quite nice although Adrain Pang can get a little irritating with his smirks here and there.

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