Saturday, May 19

It's 11:02am. Great, I finally woke up in time for FreeFlowBread' s breakfast!

But alas, I can't go because I actually cancelled my work last minute cos I thought today's class was a tute and that I can miss it but it turns out that today I have to see the prof-who-smiles-like-Joker-sometimes's class.

Ok, seriously I am joking there. I like the new lecturer. Waaaay better than the experiences with Ramani and gang.

I feel like studying in every free time I have. Shyt.

On a brighter note, it's is partay with the freeflowbread gang later at the house which will probably end way past my bedtime. Can't wait for the food, haven't had anything proper during the past week. Hopefully, there will be lots of pictures plus jokes plus laughter. And it's really hard to gather everyone to do rubbish together, other than supper at 401 which the idea is getting a little stale.

Still awaiting gathering with Cali and ST. =\

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