Tuesday, April 10

Doing work till the wee hours in the morning is harder than I thought.

The lack of sleep is nothing, You just gain some grouch-ness in the morning afternoon and carry a black face around with you the whole day. You miss the "most important meal of the day"... But I do make it up at 12am.

It's the loneliness at night. It's the insecurity.

Just yesterday, I tried doing work with just 933 on. It was ok actually, the station played okay music. But it was just so... quiet. I looked outside my block and there is not even a single lit-room. Not even a toilet. But then, I managed to do my work though. No TV distraction. No nagging mom.

Just me, the radio, my work, an overheated laptop and some a little tidbits.

And a huge headache the day after.

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