Friday, April 6

All I can think about is Free Cone Day. Maybe plus the pressing dateline for the assignment, which I plan to chiong at the last minute because I don't even have the introduction done and... Wed night.

Moi finally went partaying after a four-month hiatus. Wee, I'm back! All thanks to Clinic's five free drinks. Broody hell.

Really must maintain my shu-nu image. Wahaha. BHB.

I miss ah bao and sweety.

Anyway I love FreeFlowBread's Ham & Egg Sandwich so much that I suddenly got the inspirasiorn to make my own. One of the reasons is because I am very the broke also lah. Having "steal teacher" at a side from Michelle and Jimmy on a couple of times, I agar agar know how they do it and tried to replicate.

All I can say is man zu man zu man zu....! =)

I made for a sister and apparently she liked it too. Hehe.

Free Cone Day Free Cone Day Free Cone Day

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