Tuesday, March 6

I'll do everything for the first time forever.

I feel so lost I think I need a little bit more time to get this thing over with. I have no mood for anything. No shopping, no chocolates.

I only need time with friends who are willing to listen and understand me. And although it is a little sad to know that I can count the number on one hand, I am truly glad I have them. Hope you know who you are.

I think I would be in the chalet across my street without you people.

Just leave me as I am. Anything you are unhappy with, you can tell me. Just don't force your judgement on me please. Don't think you know me very well. It saddens me when people misunderstand me. And I can safely tell you that you have.

I need to snap out of this. Fast.

Yamagata in The OC. I kinda accept the fact I am not going to watch her at the esplanade after all. =(

Biggest regret of the year.

Since you went away, everything has been great.

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