Saturday, February 3

Time flies past fast not only when you are having fun, but also when you are busy. I learned that the hard way during the past week when there is some serious preparation for the toopid presentation.

Oh, by the way, is it "learned" or learnt"? Hurs.

Anyway, I so so so glad it's all finally over because I cannot speak in front of people for nuts. Even though there were only less than a "handful" of people, I was SO nervous. Stammered like a three-year-old and I knew my body language showed how badly I wanted to end it all. I am truly impressed with my classmates' presentation skills. Gan bai xia fong... I wished I had half heir composure and confidence.

It's all over anyway, hehe! But I will still look forward to the next presentation because you do not get to do one often and there's always some sort of a "high" doing it.

Badminton finally XD... Had lots of fun "fa xie" man. At the end of the day, my right arm ached so much it hurts when I lift it, even when I comb my hair. After today's whole day of working, my body is screaming for rest... But then i'm not complaining! More badminton please!

Work went super well today, I made no kuku mistakes for my split shift. Yays. I have to temporarily bid my POS bye because will run for most days next week. Oh, and I have to wake up 6am for both Saturday and Sunday! I don't care about the "Zhao qi de niao er you chong chi" okay... =\ Haiz. It's quite a strange feeling waking up and walking to the mall in the dark.

On a brighter note, there's the Valentines day plus CNY plus roadtrip to look forward to. Oh, and bak kwa plus pineapple tarts. Time, please slow down during these 2 weeks... Tolong tolong.

I wanna get a macbook. =)

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