Thursday, June 8

I did a Cinderalla this morning and I swear I didn't do it on purpose! Yikes, this can go into the top 10 list for most embarrassing incidents in 2006!

Still, some bonding is better than no bonding... If you get what I mean. Haha!

I am more red-faced than st! Ok but I am still not as cute as her.. Meow~

Top 10 reasons why I am late for work

1. I miss the alarm. It keeps on ringing, got fed up and stops.

2. The alarm rang, I snoozed it and went back to sleep.

3. I cannot decide on wearing a skirt or jeans.

4. The new shower gel smells darn delicious I have to spend an hour in bathroom.

5. I have to catch up with the news (including the entertainment).

6. I am still testing for the perfect combination of milo mixture.

7. I forgot to bring my purse.

8. I forgot to top up my EZ link.

9. I forgot to bring my phone.

10. All the above.

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