Wednesday, May 24


My lucky colour is not red. Because I wear red everyday and I don't seem to be getting any lucky.

My lucky colour is not white. Because I wear white to match with the red and to fullfill my promise to wear England colours everyday until the end of WC, and... I don't get any lucky.

Maybe it's because red "cong" white. Then it's back to square one.

But I don't care man. I like red and white.

May is a terrible terrible month for me. Something goes wrong every single day. And I mean it. Sometimes, I say or do the wrong things, which I can't take back.

Sometimes, I forgot to bring things to work. Like important keys and my phone.

Sometimes, I keep dropping things. Dropped my phone 10 times in a day.

I just wished my life can snap out of this. Just go back on track. I feel quite depressed really and I don't know how to say things out.

Because I am used to keeping mum.

If I offend anyone in the process, please pardon me yeah.

Because in the end, I do what I do best - running away.

Laiteck, who is definately one of the guys in my "favourite guys in the world", never fails to make me laugh.

Girls Gone Wild!


Calista, if you can burp your ABCs, I'll be the happiest girl in the world.

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