Friday, April 28

A polka dot monster threw up on me

Before we all left our workspace and go off to our looonnnggg weekend, I want to leave something behind.

It has been a hell of a week. I can't even remember anything significant that happened this week (ok, maybe THAT). This is what I have to pay for work, for the money I guess. Spending time doing things I would not do if I know tomorrow is the last day alive. For some extra moo-nah which is in turn for some thing known as "savings for university".

Only that the moo-nah is all spent on some shit to make myself feel better or new. I need more chains.

Psst, Maybelline Great Lash is like the best mascara in the world.

Ahem, other than all my mindless purchases, life hasn't been exactly that good.

I haven't visited my cinema (I like to think all cinemas are mine) for like eons and I think it has been eons since King Kong. But plans for a movie are in the pipes.

I had the weirdest dream in my life this week too. I still could recall every single detail; not that I want to and that is the strangest part because I do not tend to remember my dreams.

And that dream is not a dream but a nightmare I would say. All that I dread and the worst that I could ever imagine - happened in that dream.

The fact that I dreamt about you makes it a nightmare already.

So is it true?

I don't like and am really sick of the whole Tom-Kat Episode (Tell me who isn't) but I still quite look forward to seeing how their child will turn out. But here are some pictures before Katie's child pop out, and I think are really beautiful.

I wanna whirl away in ecstasy.

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