Friday, April 21

Dance Dance

So I have to listening to some really nice music (I think!) lately.

ARCTIC MONKEYS - 'Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not'

Great guitar, great drumplay. Catchy molodies. I listen to this every morning and I am not sick yet. Will stick to this for a long long time. I really really love "The View From The Afternoon" and "When The Sun Goes Down".

Corinne Bailey Rae - 'Corinne Bailey Rae'

Chanced upon this album in a very positive review in 8Days. Please take a listen. Every song in this special on its own. CBR's voice is warm and husky on its own, and is perfect with the soft rifts of the guitar. Haven't listen to this for a long time to remember every song but I like "Like A Star" ALOT.

Franz Ferdinand - 'You Could Have It So Much Better'

A long-time favourite since I listened to 'Take Me Out'. I like "Do You Want To". Every song has a similar sound and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Embrace - 'This New Day'

Just started listening to this album. Have quite nice impression of this already. I like the whole feel of the album, very comfortable to listen to. One of those bands to listen to regardless whether you are happy or down. One thing I like very much are the lyrics too. You'll love this one if you like Coldplay I think. It's quite difficult to choose a favourite track, "Nature's Law" is not bad.

The Killers - 'Hot Fuss'

I'm in love with them. I love all the usual radio hits but I also discovered "Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll", "Change Your Mind" and "All These Things I've Done" are just as good. Love everything about this album. I wanna sleep with it every night.

Scissor Sisters - 'Scissor Sisters'

Nice to dance to and very addictive. "Filthy/Gorgeous", "Laura" and of course, "Take Your Mama"... It's one crazy album and some tracks remind me of Bee Gees (more glamourous that is). A different and fresh album for my poddy.

Taking Back Sunday - 'Louder Now'

A up-to-high-expectations after their previous album. I like every track and felt that the guys stuck to their usual playing style which was great. Opening track "What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost" made me a sastified fan. "Twenty-Twenty Surgery" is one mindless catchy track and I prefer the new version "Error Operator" in the album.

Oh, and please do yourself a favour and listen to "Cha Cha Cha" by The Little Ones. Highly addictive, haha...

The weekend is here again! I wish I have more work to do at work.

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