Friday, March 24

Yesterday was fun!

After work, I had to meet up with Ayuliang and Ayulun just because Ayuliang wanted to buy something to woo his pretty girl from this shop but both of them didn't dare to enter the shop. So poor me had to go to Far East to meet them after work. Ayuliang very generous wor, spent over a hundered bucks just because the girl "looked at the items for than a few glances" before with a friend.

And then later, I wanted ice cream cos I had a really bad day. In the end, I force them to talk with me to get ice cream. In the end, we went to Cine and I had oreo cheesecake instead. Ayulun met his friend, who is a waiter there and we got a 10% discount in the end. Yum yum. I meant the cake, not his friend.

We watched vintage disney cartoons, talk about girls, karaoke, Andy Lau and dota till 12am. (ok, maybe not dota).

Ayulun treated me to the cheesecake. Muahaha. Now, I owe him more. -_-

That's the end of my fun day yesterday. Haha, it's been a long time since I had a "I-wake-up-and-shit" post!

Oh, and I applied for the unis today. Hopefully, I'll remember to pay up.

Woodlands, woodlands...

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