Tuesday, March 28

Nowadays I am updating more.

Primarily because all that occupy my thoughts are not just that anymore. I have more topics to think about and more events to talk about now.

My job is really making me very happy now. In the midst of liasing with the vendors, there is the daily MSN chats with the Ayu gang and the constant 无间道-ing. No complaints about anything that makes life interesting.

My dear friend is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but I am worried on whether the choice is right or not. Complications coming ahead so all I can do is support her choice and be there when she needs me.

Ayulun's idea of a date is one where he paid for everything for the other party that day -_- Anyway my first trip to Balcony ended up in a not so happy mood just because of a 'bad egg'. Other than that, the place is very nice, up to expectations. The outdoor area is really quite cool, with a jacuzzi in one corner, where 3 of us sat. Outside the jacuzzi of course. Then there is like a stretch of bar counter surrounding the outdoor area with tealights, which overlooks the corssroad so it is hyper romantic.

A lychee martini (fab fab) and a jug of vodka kurant later (ribena?), I am still alive thank you very much.

No pictures. Oh, and they have 3 beds at the outdoor area. Perfect for group outings and not so perfect for girls wearing skirts.

I seriously think the Chocolate-Banana combination is one of the best in the world. I would luurrvve to put a huge fat kiss on the forehead of the person who had invented it.

My first taste of this weird combi (to Ayulun at least) is the Chupa lollys. No cola, no strawberry. I will always ask for a chocolate-banana.

Then I chanced upon chocolate-banana ice cream at orange julius. Chunky chocolate with bananas = Heaven.

Now, McCafe serves chocolate-banana cake! It was nice enough but I thought the chocolate taste wasn't strong and heavy enough for me. No complaints about that though.

Coffee Club chocolate fondue was not bad. Fave fruit to go with is not surprisingly, "the banana" (voice of female artist in a particular Mr Bean epi).

The best way to savour this combi though is through BBQ. Take a fresh banana, slice it half vertically (from "head" to "toe"), put a piece of chololate in the middle of the 2 halves. Wrap the whole banana with the chocolate in the middle, in aluminium foil and put the whole thing in the charcoals.

In a few minutes, the chocolate will melt in the banana and.... yeah.

My search for more chocolate-banana continues.

我不想再 fall in all over again.

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