Sunday, December 4

Sliding back to reality

As I sat in the bus, getting away from the highlands, I truly felt that I was sliding back to reality.

吃喝玩乐ing (Unicode UTF-8 please) is fun. No need to clean room. No more hot humid weather.

Genting is fun! It's is a very good trip. And I'm mighty glad I went, although I wasn't too sure whether it was a good timing as I got a nasty shock just a day before. I didn't want to go there not being happy, but at the same time, I don't want to brood about that matter all day stuck at home.

So in the end, I was glad I went and it was really fun with the fun people of course. I will remember all the wakeup calls, roller coaster rides, "only mee", all that hours of bridge and of course, the farting muahaha!

Thanks for the memories :)


Yeah so back to reality, the urgent matter is the prom/dinner & dance/ dinner/ graduation night/ whatever.

Dress check. Heels check. Hair & makeup early check.
My date check (ha!).

Should be no problem then, waiting to just have fun. (Limited vocab, everything limited to fun)

I am most prepared to go empty-handed and leave empty-handed.

Ok so if you're impatient for the dinner to start can go check out the website.

Here's what they say...

BE Entreated by the tantalizing eight-course meal.
BE Entertained and tickled by our emcee that is multi-lingual, funny and talented.
BE Enchanted by the lovely atmosphere.

Three E’s simply means Excellent.

My first reaction -


Haha but nevermind~ The night will be Excellent of course...

Maybe I will not leave empty-handed after all if I get the first prize, an ipod nano!



(Unicode UTF-8)




戴佩妮 (街角的祝福)

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