Wednesday, November 16

I don't like how you are determined how well you know all (ALL!) the things you studied in the past two years in just these series of tests.

I think it's not fair you know. (Psst psst, nothing is fair in this world.)

But then, I'm trying my darnest best to stay optimistic. Just try to enjoy all the free time after tuesday(whoopies!) while not to worry too hard for march . In the end, you get disappointed the higher hopes you have. So I'm just keeping my mind open, not expecting some miracle to happen while not thinking of the worse (I can imagine already - FFF. congrats).

Maybe I'm not listening to jay chou. i listened to his CD like almost 24/7 during the 'O's and the revision went surprisingly smooth. My brain must have missed jay chou. fa ru xue...

Speaking of surprises, I think I forgot the "be careful what you wished for" thing. I feel like I get a surprise everyday when I flipped to the first page of every paper. And it's not a pleasant surprise. It feels like a punch in the stomach (tho I never experience one before that is). It makes you want to just give up. Because you are expecting 123 to come out, and you're soooo confident. But in the end, you get 678.

Yeah so that's like how it's now too. Not to get hopes too high, cos in the end, you get something different and just make yourself disappointed. So er yeah.

So I want only pleasant surprises! PLEASANT pleasant.

Anyway I realise I cannot think in stressed situations. I thought I could handle it but I was quite wrong this time. I don't know what's wrong with me but I was distracted by all things during writing like the post-exams activities (harry potter...), or all the hbo i'm going to watch. Then I get really frustrated and my hair starts to frizz like Mick Foley.

Anyway, I actually felt COLD in Singapore today. That means a YAY!

I am happy girl today and I'm not going to tell you why. (=

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