Sunday, October 9


morning: french toast with plain water. tv. tv. tv.
afternoon: in bed with dan brown. vodka. dark chocolate. 'corntos'.
evening: in bed with dan brown. 'choco crisps'. leftovers. vodka.
night: prata. mutton soup. tulang merah.


needless to say, i'm having like major tummyache now. can barely type. but i reckon i need my stomach to digest all these rubbish inside me before i go to sleep. first time with tulang merah and i think they need to ban eating tulang merah in public. so unglam! but i didn't suck the bone marrow. eating the meat alone and getting all the fingers stained red is scandalous enough. oh, but the taste was quite alright. but i hate the after-smell left on fingers. smell a little like pizza. yah which strangely, i hate. have i mention i hate sundays? no, nothing to do with tulang merah.


agenda monday
morning: in bed with dan brown.
afternoon: prep body for sushi attack later. oats.
evening: sushi attack!
night: water. water. water.


well, obviously i decided to give myself a day off again on monday cos it's like only one lecture. yah stupid excuse i know. oh i probably should explain about my addiction to dan brown part. in case you noticed, no signs of studying in my agenda. and i like to thank mr brown(no, not that afroman) for all that. left a quarter of the book to go and i think i can finish the book in one day, if not my eyes are screaming for a break already. so i shall stay in bed all morning to finish it. interesting stuff, especially the embigrams in the book. i'm so fascinated now by the way. shall play with embigrams when i have the time. oh and i don't understnad why the male lead is referred by his last name while the female by her first name. weird larh.

wow i found this site by this guy who designed the embigrams in dan brown's novel. to me, they're more spooky than interesting. ambigrams in 'angels & demons' (click me)

and illuminati. read this. interesting stuff again. didn't know it appeared in Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Lara Croft.


while i am here typing away such insignificant and useless stuff......

all these natural disasters happening around the world do not seem ready to stop yet.

i'm quite scared that people get 'immuned' to these tragedies. in the sense like, if another disaster is reported (yah i'm touching a pencil now), hopefully people would not go "chey, it's just another earthquake lah. wah, they are so suay." yeah this kind of stuff.

how you can help!

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