Monday, October 17

in the end, whatever happens, all i can do is keep silent.

i hate it. it is so typical me. i'm always the one everyone pushes around. i'm always the one hiding in the background, trying to be invisible. i know.

hence i cannot really blame you, can i. it's partly my fault too. but you know what, i'm tired of your excuses. yeah i think my patience has some limit too(yeah, i know,wow). and it has reached its limit in case you haven't notice. so i'm not going to force anything, not going to initiate anything. because all i get is just empty promises and lousy excuses. i don't need that.

yeah do whatever you want.

deep breath in, out...


Is there anything worth looking for? Worth loving for? Worth Lying for?
Is there anything worth waiting for? Worth living for? Worth dying for?

Am I Missing?
hell yeah. you.

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