Thursday, October 27


i was watching "i want a famous face" on mtv few days ago(14 days to As, yays). this particular episode is about this 18 year-old guy who wants to look like ricky martin. before you laugh, you might want to know his reason behind this. he wants the surgery because he wants to go after this girl he fancies for a long time.

ok now you can laugh. it's quite sad lah. he has made the whole thing seems as if he has to look like someone else to chase a girl. and i think he is indirectly insulting the girl too. ok anyway the story ends quite sad cos when he healed from the surgery weeks later and finally had the courage to go up to the girl, the girl... (drumroll) has a boyfriend already. so he's like too late.

poor dude.

on a lighter note, i didn't study today and went swimming. yippys.

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