Friday, April 15

"He handed her 12 roses, 11 real and 1 fake and said, 'I'll love you till the last one dies"

Thanks to Laken Brewer for this quote.

Anyway I had a tough week. I had a 'volcanic eruption' inside me yesterday which is sort of embarrassing. But I guess it was nice to let off steam once in a while, tho the 'a while' was actually quite a long period of time actually.

But hopefully, after yesterday, I can better manage my emotions and not let them get over me. I really wish next week will be a better one.

It's just that all the positive feelings are used to being kept inside. And all the negativity are hidden behind. And gradually, the negative will be temporarily forgotten. Running away? Perhaps. And it will come to a day when all the negativity stuff overpowers the positivity inside you and you break down. The negativity, sort of like a volcano lava, rushes through your brain and you have no way of stopping it.

And you break down. Tired. Fed-up. With putting up a front.

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